• 24 hours in Helsinki...

    One year ago, I started this blog, not very sure if it was usefull and if i would update it very often...One year after, i'm so glad i did it...just reading it make me just happy, and dreaming about 24 new hours there...

    ... At 1 pm, Natasha in her pink sweater and Shiona in her scottish pyjamas would knock my door and ask me if i would fancy a cig, an invitation that i would of course accept...We would spend 10 mn on the balcony just debriefing about last night, gossiping and if Shotasha is in good form, she would giggle a lot...After we would return in the buliding, shaking because of the cold and Shiona, absolutely stone after her 2 first cigs, would almost fall on the first right door... Then i would eat quicly some pastas while looking at the news and Christophe Barbier's TV show on the internet,  and go for a coffee with Edouard or Jerem, with in the last case a stop at Pub Pete on the way back for playing billiard...Then i would go in the city center, for university or for buying food and cigs and i would meet Camille in Alko, the « Erasmus » gaz station.  Then it would be time for getting PH out of bed, around 6 pm, tired of one night playing poker... then i would maybe have a nap in Shiona's room while she's working or skyping or chatting with Giulia or Natasha, and then i would distrub Pablo, still working, and prepare him some « working class » fried fish that he loves... and we would all  begin to drink...  Some of us would go more certainly in Jerem's flat, D 214, to smoke, drink pastis, listen some jazzy music or whatever, play some chess and annoying his neighbourg... We would a to join the others early in one of the « headquarters » of the C Building, rooms 213 or 513,  but we would only join them at midnight when we would all decide to go out to some club... Then in the club, PH would steal some staff with Jerem, also looking for the one who would have stole his cap, Edouard would dance alone in front off the huge speakers, Natasha would ...be Natasha, indescribable... ,Alexis would complain after some seduction failures, Pablo would smile and charm girls, Oliver would be tipsy but still ready for a good chat,  Julie would disappear somewhere if we were in Onnela ...Frogs and  Scots would love each others... Then around 3: 30 am, after the last song (Scorpions in Studio 51, Conneils in Onnela, Sinatra in Klubben...) and after having singing 20 minutes « Alko Alko Alko hemos venido emborracharnos, el resulta nos da igual » with Lucia, Txema, Marcos, Pablo and all the spanish team, we would leave the club, then come back because we would have forgot Natasha in some guy's arms...and if PH has not been rejected from the bar for some stolen beers, we would go to MacDo, ask for a Bigmac menu, say dirty things in french, and then go back to domus, tipsy in the best of the cases... We would meet Lolo burning some staff in the corridors and then Shiona would prepare a cup of tea for anyone who want... and i would want one. Then, night night, until midday, explosion in construction site, morning cuddles, some Pall Mall Menthol extra on the window, then toc toc toc, debriefing with Natasha ... and then i would let Shotasha burst of laughing for no reason and i would call Jerem or Edouard to go to Hanken Unicafe for lunching and looking at beautiful girls. Edouard would live early coz he would have to pack his luggage for another trip around the planet, and Jerem would say that he has 5 essays to give back in the next 3 hours but that he still has time for some billard at Mr Don... And so on, and so on...

    This look not extraordinary but it was just sooo good... I just loved this time, we felt so free, it was so exotic... After 2 mounths here in France, working in a News'mag in a city i don't know very good and waiting for september,  far from my friends, i must confess i am sometimes SO nostalgic about this period. I have so exotic memories of events that appeared to me absolutely normal when they occured in Helsinki...pfff... I miss a lot of people from there, so I try to keep in touch via Fessebouc, phone calls, a great week end in Dordogne with the french team, and some magic week ends in Nantes and in Glasgow with my scottish rose... and i realise each day that i never feel as good as when i am a « foreigner »...  

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    Mercredi 1er Août 2007 à 21:36
    des fois, je t'aime vraiment...
    Mercredi 1er Août 2007 à 22:14
    nostalgie nostalgie...
    Jeudi 2 Août 2007 à 22:22
    Sounds so nice... Keep good memories, for ever. I am sure you'll get to see them all again at some point :)
    de la vega
    Vendredi 7 Septembre 2007 à 18:32
    le chorizo et la tortilla
    très joli ton text....snif snif...viva Finlandia!
    de la vega
    Vendredi 7 Septembre 2007 à 18:32
    le chorizo et la tortilla
    très joli ton text....snif snif...viva Finlandia!
    Jeudi 4 Mars 2010 à 10:27
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    Mercredi 6 Juillet 2011 à 16:29
    This look not extraordinary but it was just sooo good... I just loved this time, we felt so free, it was so exotic...
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